Center for Environmental Farming Systems' Small Farm Unit Manager

Event date: 2016-01-22

This position of Farm Manager is to plan and manage the implementation of production, research, education, demonstrations and extension outreach activities at the Small Farm Unit (SFU) of CEFS. The Farm Manager provides management, coordination, and support on-site at the SFU. Coordination includes maintaining adequate communication between NCDA&CS; farm staff, apprentices, interns, graduate students, extension personnel, and faculty. Support includes planning and preparing fields, equipment, and facilities for successful research, outreach and education. It also means preparing the farm over the entire year in terms of planned growing of crops, cover crops, integration of animals (at this time goats and poultry), bed and field preparation, maintenance of the SFU as an attractive educational and research center. Primary responsibilities of the SFU Manager are:

Oversee research, extension and education efforts and delegation of activities to other members of the Small Farm Unit team (staff, apprentices and interns).

Maintain the design and production of the SFU such that it functions as a whole farm system, providing the base of education and outreach activities.

Provide management leadership of the SFU so that it fits into the overall CEFS program in terms of resource allocations and organizational structure.

Demonstrate various production techniques for field demonstrations and evaluations.

Develop and use a SFU record keeping system of inputs and outputs that is compatible with the records being used elsewhere in CEFS.

Facilitate ongoing research so that the research fits into the ongoing SFU whole farm system and provides educational and outreach benefits to farms and communities in eastern North Carolina.

Coordinate the demonstration aspects of the SFU so that the Season's of Sustainable Agriculture workshop series (see the CEFS website) responds to local agriculture and community needs.

Work with the internship program and farm apprentice program as their work and interests relate to Small Farm Unit.

Regular office administration duties are required, including participation in regularly scheduled staff and team meetings

Maintain oversight of SFU office, housing and other facilities

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For more information, please contactDr. Noah Ranells, Small Farm Unit Coordinator, N.C. A&

Dr. Noah Ranells
Title: Small Farm Unit Coordinator
Email: Contact Me
Primary Phone: (336) 285-4658

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