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What is MarketMaker?

MarketMaker is a national partnership of land grant institutions and State Departments of Agriculture dedicated to the development of a comprehensive interactive database of food industry marketing and business data. Put simply, MarketMaker is a platform that seeks to foster business relationships between producers and consumers of food industry products and services. Below, you'll find information on the types of businesses and operations that want to be found on MarketMaker.

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Agritourism businesses include any agriculturally-based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm, fishery, or ranch.

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A Buyer is a person or business that purchases finished goods for resale or for non-profit organizations.

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Eating & Drinking Place

Eating & Drinking Places are retail establishments selling prepared food and drinks for consumption on the premises

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Farmer/Rancher establishments grow or produce crops, livestock, and dairy products.

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Farmers Market

Farmers Markets consist of an individual or a group of vendors or producers who sell directly to consumers via booths, stands, or tables set up outdoors or indoors.

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Fisheries are establishments engaged in raising or harvesting fish, shellfish, and seafood. These businesses may supply freshwater and/or saltwater varieties.

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Food Retailer

Food Retailers are businesses that sell food to the public for further preparation or consumption elsewhere.

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Processors transform raw ingredients into food products.

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Wholesalers are businesses that sell their product in large quantities to anyone other than directly to the consumer.

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A Winery is a business where wine is prepared.

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